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We are looking for ambitious fellow dealers. If you have an abundance of inventory and value excellent customer service contact us.


Dave and Tami Thompson  have been working on the JUNKATHON. They have a never ending  supply of energy & enthusiasm for antiques and our rural Nebraska community.


Thompsons Treasures  81577 HWY 183  Call 308-527-3799

JUNKATHON  HWY 183 & Main St. Call 308-214-0358
You ! ! ! We are actively recruiting like minded dealers !


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You are living a life parallel to ours, but are isolated as the only dealer in town.  Your business will grow if you move near other dealers. The more dealers we have the further customers will drive. Please consider relocating to Sargent, Nebraska.

NEW location at the intersection of HWY 183 & Main Street.

A team working side by side pulled wagons. We are a hard working husband & wife duo led by the Lord. We work with the customer to build their perfect wagon. We are part of the original Junk Jaunt team. We have devoted a decade establishing Sargent as the center of the Junk Jaunt.

We make teamwork a priority!

There is always strength in numbers.

  Dave & Tami

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The Thompsons keep the historically significant method of wagon transportation alive. When it comes to wagon history & restoration, the Thompsons are the go to source nationally.