on Tell City & Ethan Allen furniture


  Classic Manor Maple

‣  Country French - Birch

‣  Custom Room Plan Maple & Pine

‣  Georgian Court  Cherry

‣  Heirloom & Circa 1776 Maple

‣  Legacy Birch

‣  Tell City City Chair Company Hard Rock Maple

‣  Antiqued Tavern Pine

We have additional Galleries in the West Wing of the Sargent District Hospital. The entire North Wing is a packing site designed specifically for furniture. 


Earthjunk is the largest dealer of gently used Tell City Chair Company & Ethan Allen in the USA.  When you pick up locally the item is 25% off & plus no shipping charges. Carriage House has over 20 Galleries for direct sales customers in Sargent, Nebraska.


You save big when you  drive to Sargent, Nebraska to buy furniture.  Earthjunk's Ethan Allen Georgian Court China cabinet sold for 15% off our online price as the customer picked it up at Earthjunk's Carriage House. Your best furniture price is direct from Earthjunk.
When looking to buy furniture, let us explain the difference between hand details implemented on old growth wood compared to simple construction and fast grown lumber.


‣  American Dimensions

You want a dealer that lives with and loves Ethan Allen and Tell City like you do. We specialize in purchasing high end interior furnishings from these fine companies for both residential and commercial customers. We are the national experts on vintage Ethan Allen & Tell City collections.

Superior construction & beautiful wood lasts a lifetime & never goes out of style. We sell furniture only produced in America.

We believe the EARTHJUNK & Pride Packing difference is why most customers are repeat buyers.
When customers purchase from Earthjunk, they are supporting hard working Nebraskans & the economy of a small town..

We are committed to packaging any

treasure you find in Sargent!

We are dedicated to bringing you the finest used American Made Furniture.

Made in the USA

 John & Cindee

Pride Packing


at SDH




Pride Packing  features top notch attention to detail.  Hand packed  by skilled labor, this packing is

the furniture industry standard.




Tel: 308-527-3456 OR 402-350-6740

‣  Royal Charter Oak



Joy of Hunting for Special Antiques

Shopping for Earthjunk antiques and furniture in Sargent Nebraska is an enjoyable activity, but it can be extra special if you find that one item that you have been looking for a long time. The joy of the hunt  brings you to ABBOTT Antiques just to find the right antique. The item can either be furniture or a collectible. 


Antique shopping is more than just bargain hunting. It becomes more rewarding when you find the right item that will complete your collection. But the search is never ending, and you go through the all the Earthjunk shops in Sargent Nebraska again hoping to discover another unique item for your collection.  We keep wanted to find lists for our customers.