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Paula has a truck load full from each auction she attends.  The motherlode of awesome vintage is in this store. It is no surprise that Paula's newest items fly off the shelf.

JacE's little shop in her barn has a variety of collectibles, kitchen klatter, jars and antiques. JacE's always looking for the good deal & is willing to pass it on to you!

Home Decor & Antique Shops are:

The Cottage Chock - Full  305 W. Main Call 308-527-3983
The Livery Stable   201 S. Broadway Call 308-527-3379

Trucklode Collectibles  309 W. Main  Call 308-215-0219


You like a store owner that has an eclectic variety  of this & that all reasonably priced. Paula also has a furniture storefront called
Trucklode Furniture just across from
Trucklode Collectibles.

          201 S. Broadway

You want a store owner that is totally committed to customer happiness and satisfaction. The Cottage is crammed full of antiques, collectibles and love. You will leave The Cottage Chock - Full with the one of a kind finds and wishing every child in the world could have a Mom like April. April has a discerning eye for speciality decor that makes a house a home. Many homes in the area have been given instant pizazz with  April's home decor.

305 W. Main Street

309 W Main Street



  April & Girls



The Livery


April's cottage is stuffed full. Fabrics, prints and pottery are a few examples of the home accessories April offers.When a cottage is as cozy as April's is, small wonder the locals always want out of town family & friends to visit it.

The Cottage

Moved downtown


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 A Tip for Antique Shopping in Sargent Nebraska 

Antique shopping is fun, but it can be overwhelming, especially those who have recently discovered
the charms of second hand items. One thing that you should consider is that antique shopping in Sargent Nebraska is just like treasure hunting. It should not be hurried. Take your time as you browse through the Antique Shops & Furniture Stores in Sargent, Nebraska. Savor the moments & enjoy your day here!

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Tel: 308-527-3456 OR 402-350-6740