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Preserving our history

Our caring friendly folks are an integral part of the "back to the past" experience. If only for a day or several hours, your desire to return to a simpler life is embraced in Sargent. We want to be your small town respite from the today's hectic lifestyle.

Our small town

Abbott Antiques

Small Tractors in original packaging

stored below in Oak Drawers!

Salt & Peppers

We have Vintage Kitchen Collectibles

Glass  of all Kinds

Vaseline Glass at Abbott Antiques

Abbott Antiques

Cookie Jar Collector's Heaven

‣   Increase in value

‣   Superior craftsmanship

‣   Exquisite home decor

‣   Affirm one's heritage

‣   Evoke sentimental value

‣   Extraordinary treasures

Strong hands and a discerning eye for quality are perfect combinations to locate unforgettable treasures. The Earthjunk team have been living with and searching for high-quality  furnishings for many years. We have a negative reaction to foreign made objects that lack aesthetic appeal and feature horrid construction. 

We believe and understand all antiques and American made furniture pieces have great sentimental value. Our philosophy is never to let them perish. We work to rehome — don’t replace— vintage name brand or handmade items.

We have an unwavering philosophy of caring for our customers and the items we sell. We respect our relationships & rural small town way of life.

Nebraska Antiques

‣   Stand the test of time

Antiques in Sargent, Nebraska photographs

Antiques & furniture

John & Cindee Haddix

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